What is My-Fans?

My-Fans offers Content Creators who would have used other sites like OnlyFans the ability to create content they want without the threat of the loss of their business. We give the Content Creators the freedom to do what they want for their clients and fans. It’s that simple. 

Our Promise

  • You choose what you share.
  • Marketing Support. Decide in your Portal if you want to use our FREE marketing support. We want to help you succeed.
  • Search Functionality: We make it easy for you to be found by customers/ fans that want your type of content – Choose to be included in the search function, if you want to be found that is.
  • No Content issues – If it’s legal you can do it
  • Simple User interface – We make it easy for you
  • Tech Support – Got a problem, we’ll fix it.
  • Upload support – Got a big backlog of content from your previous platform to upload? We can help!
  • No Banking issues – Get paid, reliably. Our bank is set up for adult payments.
  • No problems with loss through currency conversion – lose less in the conversion to your native currency? We can help.
  • Draw funds from the portal when you want.
  • Convert funds to cryptocurrency
  • Access a Crypto Visa Card
  • Earn in Crypto
  • £0 /$0 cost to access your earnings
  • Bonus Features/ services coming including earn Cryptocurrency alongside £$, and the VirtualGirlfriend / VirtualBoyfriend experience, The eStore and much more.

How it works

Join now and migrate your fans to us and pay us 0% commission!  That’s right you take 100% of the money received (minus card fee payment processing)

This interest free period is part of our commitment to our Creator partners and  it means extra money in your pocket.

When you are out of the commission free period, the fee’s are HALF what other platforms are taking. We take a small percentage of just 12% for operating the service. 

Content Creators keep 88%. You are doing all the work, so you deserve the lion’s share. Our percentage covers the cost of the provision of the service and helps us develop the business and market you.

Affiliate Scheme

Want to refer users to the site? Refer a content creator or a user to the site and we will pay you 5% out of our pocket! You can earn regularly and on an ongoing basis through our Affiliate Scheme. Want more? Join our Affiliate Pro scheme and access additional revenue streams.

Site Features

  1. Everything OnlyFans has
  2. Creator MarketPlace – Sell additional Products and Content to non signed up fans (if you want to)
  3. Model Hub – opt to be shown in the search and users can find you and your content making it easier to gain new subscribers
  4. We market you. Opt in to be featured and marketed. We help you earn more.
  5. Affiliate Schemes 


So the app stores don’t like adult content, but don’t worry. We have a way round that and My Fans will be offering an app experience without content restrictions.

Launch Date

1st of October

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